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Kunming Medical University (KMU, formerly known as Kunming Medical College was founded in 1933 and has since established itself as the largest specialized medical university of higher medical education, scientific research and medical service in Yunnan, P. R. China. KMU has educated over 80,000 graduates since its inception. KMU has three campuses which occupy about 109 hectares. It has about 15,000 students, of which nearly 2,400 graduate students and 6,750 staff and faculties, 1,450 professors and associate professors. KMU has over 60 foreign scholars as honorary professor and guest professor. There are 17 schools (departments), 12 affiliated hospitals with over 10,000 beds and 69 practice sites which provide a stable study and practical environment for students. Since 1998, KMU has recruited and trained graduate students, undergraduate students, advanced medical training students and Chinese language learning students from over 30 countries and regions.

Why Study in Kunming Medical University --KMU

I. History

In 1933, Dongle University initiated a specialized associate program in medicine and this has since evolved and grown into the Kunming Medical University (KMU) of today.

In 1937, the program expanded and became known as the School of Medicine of Yunnan University, formerly known as Dongle University. In 1956, the School became an independent medical education institution known as Kunming Medical College, and in 1993 was listed among the key higher education institutions in the province. Since its inception, Kunming Medical University has established itself as the largest specialized medical university in Yunnan and leads the way in medical education, scientific research and medical services.

In the 75 years since its inception, Kunming Medical University has not only provided higher-level medical education but also has taken responsibility for the development of medical and health care in Yunnan province. The over 60,000 graduates of KMU have made an outstanding contribution to the economic and social development of the whole province.

II. Campus, Organization and Staff

The campus of the university occupies 125.4 hectares. It has over 14,000 students, of which nearly 1,600 are graduate students. The University has 6,500 staff, and over 1,250 are professors and associate professors.

KMU has 13 schools, offering 16 Bachelor's Degree programs, 33 Master's Degree programs, and 1 Doctor's Degree program. It has 5 research institutes, 10 affiliated hospitals, 9 teaching hospitals, 39 practice hospitals, 9 forensic medicine sites, 6 preventive medicine practice sites, 4 pharmaceutical practice sites, and 2 optical practice sites. All of this provides KMU students with a stable study and practical environment.

With a collection of nearly 1,000,000 books, the university library has been designated as Yunnan's Central Sharing Library Network of National Literature. It is also a First-class Repository for China's Medical and Academic Literature. KMU is a National Clinical Medicine Trial Center, and Yunnan Provincial Expert Testimony Center.

The 10 affiliated hospitals of Kunming Medical University have more than 10,000 patient beds. Seven of the affiliated hospitals are accredited as being Level-A Tertiary General Hospitals of China. The First Affiliated Hospital has around 4,000 outpatients per day and is the largest general hospital in the province. The Second Affiliated Hospital is among the "100 Best Hospitals of China" and is the centre for both human organ transplants and burn treatments in Yunnan. The Third Affiliated Hospital is the largest cancer hospital in the province and houses three provincial cancer research centres. The Affiliated Stomatology Hospital has over 100 dental chairs and uses the most advanced technology available. It is the largest specialized stomatology hospital in Yunnan.

Yunnan boasts abundant natural resources with which KMU has been carrying out extensive scientific research on Yunnan's common, endemic and frequently encountered diseases, while constantly using the most advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment. KMU is involved in several phases of scientific research. This includes basic, application and developmental research, involving multiple

subjects and specialities. KMU is responsible for large numbers of national and provincial key scientific projects and international cooperation programs. Since 2004, there have been nearly 1000 scientific research awards won on the national and provincial levels, as well as technological invention awards, scientific and technological progress awards, and many others. KMU is a leader in the province's medicine and health field.

III. International Exchange

Kunming Medical University has made remarkable achievements in the area of international exchange and cooperation. It has launched inter-institutional academic partnerships and exchange programs with medical schools and institutions in more than 40 countries worldwide, such as France, the U.S.A, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Australia, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. It also conferred the titles of honorary professor and guest professor to more than 60 foreign scholars.

Since 1998, KMU has recruited and trained graduate students, undergraduate students, advanced medical students and Chinese language students from 24 countries and regions, such as America, UK, France, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Course & Fees

KMU provides Bachelor’s programs in 15 fields:

Clinical Medicine 5 YEARS Apply Now
Stomatology 5 YEARS Apply Now
Clinical Anaesthesiology 5 YEARS Apply Now
Laboratory Medicine 5 YEARS Apply Now
Medical Imaging 5 YEARS Apply Now
Optometry 5 YEARS Apply Now
Forensic Medicine 5 YEARS Apply Now
Preventive Medicine 5 YEARS Apply Now
Nursing 4 YEARS Apply Now
Pharmacology 4 YEARS Apply Now
Public Health Management 4 YEARS Apply Now
Labor & Social Security 4 YEARS Apply Now
Law (Medical Law) 4 YEARS Apply Now
Rehabilitation Treatment 4 YEARS Apply Now
Aesthetic Medicine 4 YEARS Apply Now


I.Admission Category

1.Degree Programs

Full-time medical Bachelor's, M aster's and Doctoral's Degree students.

2.Non-degree programs

Medical scholars and Chinese language study scholars.

II.Program and Major

All majors listed in the 2020 Admission Programs for international student of Kunming Medical University are available.

III.Application Eligibility

1.Applicants who must be foreign citizens, in good health condition, good character and abide by the laws of the People's Republic of China and regulations of KMU.

2.Academic requirements:

①Undergraduate programs applicants who have been awarded senior high school graduation certificate. Age:18-30 .

②Master programs applicants who have been awarded a Bachelor’s Degree. Age:18-35 .

③Doctoral programs applicants who have been awarded Master’s Degree . Age:18-40.

④Chinese language study scholars applicants whose academic achievements should be qualified in the previous stage study. Medical scholars applicants should have medical professional or related education backgrounds. Age:18- 60 .

3.Language proficiency requirements:

①Applicants for Chinese medium programs should have HSK Level 4 or above proficiency certificate.

②Applicants for English medium programs should provide corresponding English proficiency certificate. For those whose native language is not English, please provide test report of English language test ( IELTS score not less than 6.0, the individual score is not less than 5.0. The TOEFL Internet-based Testing score is not less than 85 points, the individual score is not less than 20, or the Paper-based Testing score is not less than 580 points. Other English proficiency test scores refer to the IELTS and TOEFL scores ). Applicants who speak English as their native language or been taught in English medium on the previous stages are exempt from the IELTS or TOEFL, must provide their English proficiency proofs. Applicants who have a Chinese foundation are encouraged to apply for English medium programs as well.

IV.Application Deadline

1.Self-supporting degree programs: January 1st,2020 — July 1st,2020.

2.Scholarship programs: refer to 2020 Scholarship programs Admission for International Students of Kunming Medical University ( ).

3.Non-degree programs: enrollment whole academic year.

V.Admission Procedure

1.Application online

Applicants are required to complete online-application on the International Students Service System of KMU, website: Scholarship programs applicants please refer to 2020 Scholarship programs Admission for International Students of Kunming Medical University . Necessary documents should be provided as follows:

①Application Form for Foreign Students to KM U ( print after online application ) ;

②Copy of valid passport ;

③Copy of Physical Examination Record For Foreigner Students and blood check report ;

④Copy of the highest diploma certificates and transcripts notarized by public notary departments ;

⑤Copy of valid HSK4 Certificate or above ( Chinese medium program applicants must provide ) ;

⑥Copy of the English proficiency certificate ( English medium program applicants must provide ) ;

⑦Curriculum Vitae and Study Plan written in English or Chinese ;

⑧Two Recommendation Letters by professors or associate professors written in English or Chinese (postgraduate programs applicants must provide) ;

⑨Copy of  paying guarantee letter signed by applicants’ parents (Self-supporting program applicants must provide);

⑩Copy of Non-criminal Certificate.

2.Post application documents

Applicants must deliver 2 copies for each of all application materials to International Education School of Kunming Medical University within one week (7 natural days) before the deadline(Address attached following). Late delivery may result in failure to receive the award.

3.Notification and Interview

Kunming Medical University will assess all documents, and arrange experts to take interviews with the qualified materials applicants, then confirm the final admission name lists.

VI.Admission Decision and Offer

Kunming Medical University mails JW202 /JW201 Form and Admission Notice to the qualified applicants. International students who are admitted the need to apply for X1 Visa in time, then come to register with all original application materials and admission documents in International Education School of Kunming Medical University on the dates specified in the Admission Notice. Students who are unable to register over two weeks after the deadline without any explanation are considered as abandoning their admission qualifications to Kunming Medical University.


1.Tuition (RMB)


Tuition (Yuan/Year)

Registration Fees(Yuan/Year)


Undergraduate Program





Undergraduate Program





Master Program




Doctoral Program




Medical Scholars



No limitation

Chinese Language Study Scholars



No limitation

2. Other fees (RMB)


Fees (Yuan)




Double room

(Peng Yue Building)


Without air conditioner


With air conditioner

Four - bedroom

(Peng Yue Building)


Suite without an air conditioner

General student dormitory

1,200 /year/room

Four - bedroom without an air conditioner


1000 /year

Every year

Health Examination

About 500 each time


Resident permit

400 each time



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